My dream Lisbon coffee kiosk

December 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

My dream Lisbon coffee kiosk

Currently in Lisbon and the other day – while doing the proper tourist thing and taking the number 28 tram – we just happened by this very much tumbled down, but none-the-less charming and beautiful kiosk.

Immediately I had a vision of a couple of round tables, harmonica music, people milling about or idly sitting down enjoying the espressos and cervejas generously flowing from my tiny, but world famous, Basilica Cafe…


Time flies when you’re having fun turning life upside-down

December 25, 2012 § Leave a comment


Wow… It actually¬†did happen. This past month-and-a-bit has seen quite a few changes:

  • Get rid of stuff – check
  • Get rid of more stuff – check
  • Give notice – yup, done
  • Pack up remaining stuff – also done
  • Move out, stuff to storage – been there, done that
  • Move to hotel and ponder next move – yessir!
  • Fly off to Algarve on a whim and see what happens – also sorted
  • Fly back to the UK after a week as planned – erhm, nope. Never quite did that… Is that going to be a problem??

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